5 Reasons The Australian Open Is The Best Tournament In Tennis

It’s not all about kangaroos and koalas down under for tennis’ Australian Open.

Although wouldn’t that be cute?

The Last Night’s Game Team


1. The Australian Open is the first of the four tennis majors (also known as a Grand Slam tournaments) and is the largest sporting event in southern hemisphere. IF YOU’RE NOT FIRST, YOU’RE LAST

2. While they love the sport, tennis players don’t play just for fun. Both men and women receive equal prize money in the tournament, with the singles champions taking home $4.1 million in prize money. WINNER WINNER BETTER THAN A CHICKEN DINNER

3. Players use tournaments like this to showcase their personal style and Serena Williams’ on-court attire has already caused a stir. Last year, she sported the controversial catsuit in the French Open and this year she's using the Australian Open to show off her on-court fishnet tights. Although the real star of the tournament might be Qai Qai (pronounced Qwai Qwai), the doll of Serena’s daughter Olympia. The doll, which goes everywhere with the 17-month old, has its own Instagram page and has been photographed all around Melbourne. GRANDMA’S A FASHION ICON

4. Over 40,000 tennis balls will be used over the course of the two and a half week tournament. There’s a new provider of balls this year and some players aren’t happy saying the “balls are s**t” and don’t bounce well in the fluctuating temperatures of the tournament. While it’s winter to us, it’s summer there and temps can reach up to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Luckily, some of the courts have retractable roofs. GREAT BALLS OF FIRE

5. The first ever Australian Open match was held on the field of another Australian favorite sport – a cricket field. LAWN TENNIS ANYONE?

Note to self - The tournament runs until January 27. Keep an eye on Serena Williams who is chasing her record tying 24th Grand Slam title.  


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