5 Reasons This Weekend Will Be An All-Star Weekend

Already suffering from Super Bowl data fatigue? Take a break from the overload with an all-star weekend.


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The Last Night’s Game Team


1. Both the NFL (National Football League) Pro Bowl and the NHL (National Hockey League) All-Star Games are this weekend. (Pro Bowl is the NFL’s version of an all-star game). Look out Orlando and San Jose, the all-stars are coming for you.

2. The players on the winning Pro Bowl team receive a $67,000 bonus and the losers $39,000. The NHL All-Star Game is formatted a little differently than a usual game with a 3-on-3, four team tournament with the winning team taking home $1 million. THAT’S A LOT OF ICE

3. The NFL might sell a lot of jerseys but something their all-stars don’t have? Jerseys made of trash. The NHL All-Star jerseys are eco-innovative Adidas jerseys made from upcycled marine debris. They will also feature the player’s team on the front for the first time instead of the NHL logo. SAVING NEMO

4. Quite a few players skip the Pro Bowl to avoid injury and any players playing in the Super Bowl are not eligible to play. Hockey on the other hand demands that everyone selected show up. Last year’s Stanley Cup Finals MVP, Alex Ovechkin, decided he wasn’t going to play in this year’s game and take the extra day to rest. Well, now he gets more rest time than he bargained for because the league suspended him for one game for not showing up to the all-star game. PUTTING A DENT IN THE COUCH

5. Both all-star games have skills competitions with the NHL showdown highlighted by the hardest shot and the star of the NFL skills showcase is a dodgeball game. HEY IS THAT VINCE VAUGHN?


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