Moving On Up

The Super Bowl is set and it’s going to be a wild ride.


Fasten your seatbelt,

The Last Night’s Game Team


The games leading up to the Super Bowl were everything the fans could’ve asked for. Both games went into overtime and the Los Angeles Rams and New England Patriots prevailed and will meet up in the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 3. BRING ON THE BIG SHOW


The New Orleans Saints left a lasting impression on television viewers and not because of their play on the field. They can thank the deafening whistle of Saints’ super fan the “Whistle Monsta” for piercing the ears of America during the broadcast. Whistle Monsta is a staple at Saints games but even his decibel level couldn’t help his team take home a win. ATTACKING YOUR EARDRUMS


The young bucks at the Australian Open (tennis) are shaking things up. Defending Australian Open champ Roger Federer was upset by 20-year-old Stefanos Tsitsipas and emerging American tennis star Frances Tiafoe gave himself quite the 21st birthday present, advancing to the next round. IT’S MY PARTY


The Rams win wasn’t without controversy. After the game, the NFL admitted to the Saints head coach that they screwed up and the ref should've called pass interference on a key play, but too little too late. The botched call may have cost the Saints the game. BETTER THAN BEING ON THE SHOW BOTCHED