Super Monday

While it may simply be a Monday to you, to many men Super Monday is the biggest decision day to start a diet.


Detoxing for days,

The Last Night’s Game Team


In the lowest scoring Super Bowl ever, the New England Patriots beat the Los Angeles Rams. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady set a record for Super Bowl wins by a player (6) and wide receiver Julian Edelman took home the MVP award. MOST OF THE ACTION WAS IN THE COMMERCIALS


A rivalry we didn’t expect out of yesterday’s game was corn farmers vs. Bud Light. The beer ran a commercial touting the fact that they don’t use corn syrup in their beer like their competitors. The National Corn Growers Association stated they were disappointed in the brand and thanked Miller Lite and Coors Light for supporting their industry. THAT’S CORNY

Putting together a stellar Super Bowl commercial that resonates with America isn’t easy. Take a look at yesterday’s losers and winners. CHEERS AND JEERS


The “old guys” of the Patriots showed that experience is everything. With the Patriots win, head coach Bill Belichick, 66, becomes the oldest coach to ever win a Super Bowl and Tom Brady, the oldest quarterback to start and win a Super Bowl at age 41. THEY’RE NOT SLOWING DOWN


After showing off her gridiron skills, Bumble became the first special needs dog to win the title of Puppy Bowl MVP. The six-month-old pup was hours away from being euthanized in a shelter when she was rescued by a volunteer. Bumble, who is blind and deaf, now has a forever home in Washington. HAPPY TAILS