Have Mercy! 5 Scandals That Rocked College Sports

If you thought the Kardashians brought the drama, enter in Operation Varsity Blues. The scandal has rocked Hollywood along with the sports and academic world but it’s not the only (or even the biggest) college athletics scam out there.


They always get caught.

The Last Night’s Game Team

1. Yesterday, the Justice Department released the news about Operation Varsity Blues, a cross-country admissions scandal. Over 50 people were charged in the scheme, with 33 of them being parents, including CEOs and actresses Felicity Huffman (Desperate Housewives) and Lori Loughlin (Full House).  In some instances, parents bribed college coaches to recruit their students as elite athletes, even though they had no athletic background. Some even went as far as creating a fake athletic profile for their children by photoshopping them into sports photos and including them in the admissions packets. (This scandal goes way beyond the sports aspect, so click to read more). IT WASN’T ME

2. From photoshopped to something more permanent, five football players at Ohio State were suspended for selling memorabilia and receiving discounted services at a local tattoo parlor. “Tattoo-Gate” was just the tip of the iceberg of Ohio State football scandals that eventually led to the resignation of their head football coach. HOPE THE TATTOO WAS AT LEAST SPELLED RIGHT

3. In late 2017, the FBI uncovered a college basketball bribery scandal so big, people are still being sentenced for it. This scandal had more moving parts than a lobster. It included coaches pocketing cash for referring players to agents and financial advisors to Adidas paying athletes when they committed to play for Adidas sponsored schools. And of course, there were adventures to topless bars with lots of booze. WHERE ARE THEY NOW

4. The mob and college is not something you’d typically put together until discussing the Boston College points shaving scandal. Richard “The Fixer” Perry bribed Boston College basketball players to do everything they could to throw the games. But it didn’t really work out for the mob as despite the threat of physical violence and brutal intimidation tactics, they couldn’t control a bunch of college kids. The mob didn’t make a ton of money on the scandal and Perry was later charged and thrown in the slammer. FIX THIS

5. SMU (Southern Methodist University) received the sharpest penalty on this list. They ignored the NCAA’s (college sports governing body) warnings about cheating and illegal benefits for their players (think cars, cash, etc). The NCAA shut down their football program for an entire season. SMU still has the distinction of being the one and only major college football program to be shut down by the NCAA. A BADGE OF HONOR?

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