Let’s Get Ready To Rumble

This week starts one of the least productive weeks of the year in the office. It’s time for March Madness.


Hold all my calls,

The Last Night’s Game Team

College Basketball

The madness of March is upon us. The teams that make up this year’s NCAA March Madness tournament were revealed last night and you have until Thursday morning to fill out your bracket.


Want to give it a shot and pick a bracket? It certainly makes the tourney more fun and since everyone is doing it, it gives you another foray into the conversation. Don’t care about basketball? Don’t worry. You can pick your bracket based on team colors or mascot and you have an equal chance of beating those who know a lot. Of course, there are prizes for the best and worst brackets. NOTHING TO LOSE - SIGN UP FOR OUR BRACKET HERE


Is baseball the new football? It appears so with two NFL (National Football League) quarterbacks visiting spring training. Both Baker Mayfield (Cleveland Browns) and Russell Wilson (Seattle Seahawks and aka Mr. Ciara) played alongside their favorite baseball teams (MLB – Major League Baseball) in spring training this week. DON’T QUIT YOUR DAY JOB


Sideline stat

All NASCAR’s (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) Kyle Busch does is win, win, win. The Las Vegas native earned his 200th career win yesterday in California. CAN’T STOP, WON’T STOP


Coaches’ corner

If your team didn’t make the NCAA tournament, consider cheering for Old Dominion. The Monarchs are making their first trip to the big dance since 2011 and this year it’s extra emotional. Their head coach has spent the season battling other teams but his biggest fight has been against prostate cancer. A fight that he’s still fighting. A GLIMMER OF HOPE

What to watch

Play-in games start on Tuesday. These are teams that are almost into the March Madness tournament but have to win one more game to make it in. They’re listed on the bracket on the line with two school names.


Keep an eye on the true comeback kids, the Panthers from Prairie View A&M. The play-in team from South Texas started their season 1-11 and turned it around with 11 straight wins. Now they’re one win out from advancing to their first NCAA basketball tournament in school history.