The 5 Things You Need To Know About March Madness  

It’s the biggest time suck in your office since online shopping.

Basketball and bargains = a winning combination,

The Last Night’s Game Team

1. The Villanova Wildcats are the defending champions, continuing to prove the fact that betting on blue is a good choice. Teams that wear uniforms with blue as the primary color have won the past five championships and have had the most victories in the expanded bracket than any other uniform color. BLUE NO MORE

2. Does it feel like everyone around you is filling out a bracket? They are. Twice the number of people will bet on the tournament compared to the Super Bowl. This year it’s expected that Americans will wager $8.5 billion on the tournament and a big chunk of that is bet illegally. DON’T TELL THE LEGAL DEPT.

3. These three teams are hoping to extend that blue uniform streak this year. Duke (#1) is favored to win and they feature the must watch player of the tournament, freshman Phenom Zion Williamson. Other teams to watch include Gonzaga (#1) and North Carolina (#1). THE WHO’S WHO

4. When choosing your bracket in this single elimination tournament, remember that the most likely upset is a #12 team over a #5 and no #16 team has ever upset a #1 seeded team until last year. For the first time ever, a #16 team (UMBC – University of Maryland – Baltimore County) beat a #1 team (Virginia). BRACKET BUSTERS

5. Saving the best for last, the women of college hoops. For the first time since 2006, UConn is seeded #2. Baylor has leapfrogged the powerhouse for the #1 spot. Notre Dame will defend their national championship in hopes of winning a second one in a row. THESE GALS CAN BALL

Want to pick your bracket by the mascot or best celebrity alum? Fine with us! Join our bracket and pick however you want. (There’s even autofill). CHIME IN ON THE OFFICE CHATTER


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