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The Last Night’s Game Team

Ps – Today is Earth Day so reduce, reuse, recycle and go vegan. That’s what one team is doing for Mother Earth. Read that and more in our five sports teams that are saving the planet.

NBA (National Basketball Association)

In one of the most entertaining playoff series in recent history, the Brooklyn Nets and Philadelphia 76ers are quite literally putting up a fight. Of course, they’ve been talking trash but there have been fights, ejections, wanted posters and one angry team general manager storming the referees’ locker room. (The 76ers lead the first round playoff series 3-1). PISSED OFF AND PASSIONATE



From the ‘you had one job' file. While the Boston Celtics (NBA) were about the sweep the Indiana Pacers, eliminating them from the playoffs, ABC switched the broadcast over to “America’s Funniest Home Videos.” EITHER WAY IT WAS LAUGHABLE


Sideline stat

Serena Williams is putting her money where her mouth is. On Instagram, she revealed the details of her investment firm, Serena Ventures. She focuses on "early-stage investments in companies led by women and people of color and those that value 'individual empowerment' and creativity." RAISE ‘EM UP


Coaches’ corner

When a player wins the Masters (golf), they can wear the iconic green jacket anywhere for one year. (After one year they can only wear the jacket on the grounds of Augusta National Golf Club). Tiger Woods took advantage of this perk and wore his new favorite green accessory with basketball shorts and white tennis shoes to his restaurant. BUSINESS ON TOP, GYM RAT IN THE BACK