Eat Your Heart Out

May your weekend be as colorful as the fashion at the NFL Draft.


To questionable fashion and decisions,

The Last Night’s Game Team

NFL (National Football League)

Last night, the first round of the draft made history. The #1 pick, Kyler Murray, is the first player to be selected in the first round of both the NFL and MLB (Major League Baseball) draft. (He turned down a baseball career to enter into the NFL Draft). WORTH IT


Also making history? Nick Bosa. When Bosa was selected by the San Francisco 49ers, his family became only the second family in NFL history to have a father and two sons taken in the first round of the draft. The other is the Manning family (Archie, Peyton and Eli). FAMILY TIES



Football wasn’t the only thing everyone in Nashville was talking about last night. During the draft, Taylor Swift took to the airwaves with ABC’s Robin Roberts to announce the name of her new single, “ME!” END GAME


Sideline stat

“Tommy John surgery” are three words a baseball pitcher never wants to hear, but now they’ll be around in perpetuity. The dreaded surgery that involves replacing a ligament in the arm with another tendon, either from the patient’s body or a cadaver, is being added to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. This dreaded phrase joins over 640 other new words that will be added to the dictionary on Monday. DOES ANYONE ACTUALLY OWN A DICTIONARY?


Coaches’ corner

Nashville’s economy is grateful to have the draft in town. Who’s not happy about it? Bachelorette parties. Nashville is a top destination for these soirees and the gals have taken to the streets to express their anger. Apparently, they didn’t do any research to understand why their hotel room was seriously overpriced. IF ONLY THERE WAS A PUBLICATION THAT WOULD TELL THEM ALL ABOUT SPORTS…

What to watch

If you’re on a strict seafood diet (I see food, I eat it), then this one’s for you. The first of three MLB FoodFests is this weekend in Los Angeles. Attendees will enjoy some updated ballpark fare alongside some more unique flavor profiles including pickle-wrapped corndogs, Rocky Mountain oysters and fried grasshoppers. WHO’S UP FOR SECONDS?