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London Marathon

Prince Harry is on baby watch but that didn’t stop him from cheering on one London runner who ran the London Marathon dressed like the iconic clock Big Ben. The runner was attempting to break the world record for the fastest marathon run by someone dressed as a landmark building but it didn’t work out quite as planned. ‘Big Ben’ didn’t plan for the clearance of the finish line and got stuck. WHERE TIME STANDS STILL 



Meet Toasty, the new s’mores themed mascot for the minor league baseball team, the Rocky Mountain Vibes. The team was formerly known as the Colorado Springs Sky Sox but it’s not the name change (or the fact that Toasty could be an ode to marijuana) that’s getting the attention. It’s the fact that Toasty looks exactly like “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” host Guy Fieri. DESSERT DOPPLEGÄNGER


Sideline Stat

They’re young enough to make history but not to buy a cocktail. Three Washington Nationals (MLB – Major League Baseball) teammates made history last night as the first trio of teammates who are 21 or younger to homer in the same game. A CELEBRATORY ROUND ON ME. OH WAIT…


Coaches’ corner

Last night, Jaylen Brown and his Boston Celtics won their first game in the second round of the NBA (National Basketball Association) playoffs. His on court success has proved his haters wrong, including a former teacher who told him that she’d “look him up in the Cobb County jail in five years.” Brown shared that statement in a tweet exactly five years ago and look at him now. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF