New Beginnings


Today’s sports stories all have a fresh start for the start of your weekend.


Things are looking up,

The Last Night’s Game Team

NFL (National Football League)

The NFL Season kicked off last night with the first pre-season game, the Hall of Fame Game, between the Atlanta Falcons and Denver Broncos. In honor of the start of another season, the list of teams with the “Most Tortured Fan Base” has been released. These are fans who remained loyal while suffering through “tanking, missed drafts, blundering coaching decisions and generational incompetence.” Rounding out the top three are the New York Giants, New York Jets and Washington Redskins. NOT A LIST TO BE PROUD OF 



Move over Real Housewives, Racing Wives is coming in hot with the season debut tonight. The show spotlights the sisters-in-law Samantha Busch and Ashley Busch, wives of NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) drivers Kyle and Kurt Busch, along with their friends/fellow race wives and an aspiring driver. FAST AND FURIOUS


Sideline stat

Arguably the most popular “Fortnite” player Tyler "Ninja" Blevins is switching streaming platforms from Twitch (Amazon owned) to Mixer (Microsoft owned). It’s a huge blow to the platform because Blevins, who made nearly $10 million for playing on Twitch, will take his 14.7 million followers with him. (If you’re confused by what streaming a video game means, think of it this way, fans tune in to watch their team play and in this case the team is one video game player). GET ON THE BANDWAGON


Want to know more about this booming industry of esports and the aforementioned streaming platforms, which are expected to generate $152 billion in revenue this year—50% more than the film industry? Click here for our five things to know.

Coaches’ corner

The Oakland Athletics (MLB – Major League Baseball) signed a fan, who happened to be a pitcher, that impressed the pants off of people while he was throwing at the in-stadium promotional radar booth. RIGHT PLACE, RIGHT TIME


What to watch

The newest class will be inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame tomorrow night and features greats like Champ Bailey and Tony Gonzalez, whose speeches are sure to be inspiring. STORIES OF GREATNESS