Hello Old Friend

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Monday, we meet again.



Fresh start,

The Last Night’s Game Team

NFL (National Football League)

He may be the oldest quarterback and third oldest player in the NFL, but Tom Brady is showing no sign of slowing down. The QB, who turned 42 last week, signed a two-year, $70 million contract extension with the New England Patriots. He may be “old” but the six-time Super Bowl champion has been relatively healthy besides an ACL tear in 2008. FITNESS GOALS



Shane Bieber of the Cleveland Indians (MLB - Major League Baseball) has spent much of his life in the shadow of pop star Justin Bieber. The pitcher made a name for himself, becoming the American League MVP in last month’s all-star game and one of the best in the game. That didn’t stop Topps baseball cards from a misprint on his baseball card, calling him Justin. The baseball playing Bieber thought it was hilarious and according to their Twitter conversation, the other Bieber did too. TOO LATE TO SAY SORRY?


Sideline stat

The NFL regular season kicks off in 31 days but that’s not stopping Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield from continuing the tradition of NFL players chugging beer on the big screen. Hyping up fans at a Cleveland Indians game (MLB), he joined his fellow football players and shotgunned a beer once he was put on the big screen. SURELY IT’S PART OF HIS TRAINING REGIMEN


Coaches’ corner

Well this is awkward. A European basketball player, D.J. Cooper, was suspended by FIBA (Fédération Internationale de Basketball) after his drug test revealed he was pregnant. Cooper is not some freak of nature but used his girlfriend’s urine to pass a drug test. It was likely she had no idea that she was pregnant when he tried to pass her sample for his own. ALL IN THE FAMILY


What to watch

On Wednesday, ESPN2 will yet again transform into ESPN8: The Ocho. The channel, inspired by “Dodgeball: The Movie,” will feature obscure sporting events (think Stupid Robot League and lawn mower racing). We’ll cover the big day in Wednesday’s Five Things To Know but if you want a head start on all the action, check out the special edition of the Sports Curious Podcast. LISTEN UP