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College Sports

The state of California could make college sports more interesting. Ahead of the third week of college football, both the State Assembly and Senate have passed legislation that would allow college athletes attending school in California to be paid for their names, images and likenesses. (Currently that’s against the NCAA - governing body of college sports - rules). It now sits on the governor’s desk. The NCAA says this blurs the line between collegiate and professional athletes and that repercussions such as ruling California schools ineligible for national championships could happen. THE PLOT THICKENS



A high school swimmer in Alaska was disqualified after winning her heat because of the way her swimsuit fit. She was wearing a school-issued suit that an official said showed too much of her backside. The school district appealed to the athletic association because they believed "our swimmer was targeted based solely on how a standard, school-issued uniform happened to fit the shape of her body." LIKE HIGH SCHOOL ISN’T ROUGH ENOUGH


Sideline stat

With no ranked teams scheduled to play each other this weekend in college football (i.e. could be a boring Saturday), ESPN College Gameday" is heading to Ames, Iowa for the first time ever. The home team, Iowa State, will be playing their in-state rivals, Iowa Hawkeyes (#19). WEEKEND WARRIORS


Coaches’ corner

The NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) playoffs start this weekend. It’s a little confusing because when you watch a race, even the drivers who are not eligible for the championship are still racing. The number of eligible drivers will decrease, based on a combination of wins and points, as they get closer to the final race of the season. One driver you won’t see racing for the championship for the first time in his career? Seven-time champion Jimmie Johnson. RUBBIN IS RACIN’

What to watch

Georgia fans won’t be wearing their traditional colors on Saturday, instead fans have been encouraged to wear pink to the home game vs. Arkansas State. The change is in honor of the wife of Arkansas State’s head coach, Wendy, who passed away a few weeks ago from breast cancer. KINDNESS GONE VIRAL