Turn Back The Hands Of Time

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If we could turn back time, we’d make it the weekend all over again.


Alas, it’s still Monday,

The Last Night’s Game Team  

NFL (National Football League)

Rookie quarterback Gardner Minshew is the talk of the NFL. The Jacksonville Jaguars’ leader has not only taken the field by storm, setting franchise records, but his off the field antics have even the non-sports fans buzzing. Watching a game, you might recognize him from his mustache (that resembles Ben Stiller’s in “Dodgeball”) or his zany outfit choices (think Night at the Roxbury). Now his scantily clad pregame warmup routine has come to light. WHAT HAPPENS IN THE LOCKER ROOM DOESN’T STAY IN THE LOCKER ROOM



We all know Tom Brady is a freak of nature. He’s one of the oldest quarterbacks in the history of the game and let’s be honest, he’s not too hard on the eyes either. That’s what one Miami security guard found out when the New England Patriots (NFL) bus arrived and her reaction is priceless. (Brady and his team proceeded to destroy the Dolphins 43-0 yesterday). A TERRIBLE POKER FACE  


Sideline stat

One pint-sized fan has had enough of his team’s terrible start to the season. The 4-year-old Florida State fan started a lemonade stand to raise enough money to buy out Willie Taggart’s head coaching contract so the team can fire him. The “Free Willie” lemonade stand has raised $241 (buyout is $17 million). BE THE CHANGE


Coaches’ corner

Mike Trout’s season is over. The best player in baseball (MLB – Major League Baseball) will end this season a few weeks early to have foot surgery. Don’t worry, his team, the Los Angeles Angels, is not playoff bound. Hopefully his early trip to the off-season allows for ample recovery time and more photoshoots with the family dog for its Instagram account. IT’S A RUFF LIFE


What to watch

Another (formerly) mustached quarterback to watch is Baker Mayfield (Cleveland Browns). He was set to the be the golden child before the season started but with a week one loss, he’ll try to redeem himself in tonight’s game. Tonight’s Cleveland Browns vs. New York Jets game is a rematch of the first ever “Monday Night Football” game in 1970. (FYI - Jets’ quarterback Sam Darnold is out indefinitely with mono). MATCH(UP) MADE IN HEAVEN