The Cream Of The Crop

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May your week be as “ridiculous” as the “Fleabag” wins at last night’s Emmy Awards.


Rising to the top,

The Last Night’s Game Team  

NFL (National Football League)

The New York Giants benched their longtime quarterback Eli Manning after a rough start to the season. (Let’s be honest a rough few seasons). Using the pressure to his advantage, rookie Daniel Jones stepped into the role and led his team in an incredible comeback win against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. TIME TO CHANGE GUARDS?

Also, simply because people will be talking about it, you should know that Antonio Brown declared via social media that he’ll never play in the NFL again.



Nashville was no match for LSU (Louisiana State University) fans this weekend. The team played Vanderbilt at home in Nashville and not only were there easily more Tiger fans in attendance at the game but they were there to party. One bar ran out of vodka 40 minutes after it opened, thanks to the visiting team’s fans. (LSU also dominated Vanderbilt in the game). BREAKFAST WITH UNCLE TITO 


Sideline stat

Soccer is driving change in Iran. Shortly after a female soccer fan died after setting herself on fire to protest not being allowed to attend a men’s soccer game, FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) demanded that women be allowed to attend the upcoming World Cup qualifier in Iran. After a 40-year ban, Iran has assured the global soccer governing body that women will be allowed to attend the game in October. A STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION


Coaches’ corner

Halftime at this weekend’s Clemson college football game looked a little different than usual. During halftime, actors dressed in Clemson gear took the field to film scenes for an upcoming Disney movie about Ray McElrathbey. McElrathbey is a former Clemson player who gained custody of his 11-year old brother after their mom went to rehab for drug addiction. He was able to raise his brother, go to school and play football all thanks to the Clemson community. IT TAKES A VILLAGE


What to watch

After a long, storied career, the New York Yankees (MLB – Major League Baseball) pitcher CC Sabathia is hanging up his cleats. The team paid tribute to his great career in a touching pregame ceremony complete with a tribute video and a gift of a trip to Japan. Sabathia will try to go out on top as he leads his team into the playoffs. The Yankees won their division for the first time since 2012. KONNICHIWA RETIREMENT