Fashion At Its Finest - 5 Things You Need To Know About College Uniforms


In the midst of fashion week celebrations across the globe, it only made sense to discuss fashion on the field.

So trendy,

The Last Night’s Game Team

1. Something new to keep an eye out for this season is the new patch on your team’s jerseys. The newest addition celebrates the 150th season of college football. What’s not new? The fact that you can’t sport a jersey of your favorite college football player. The NCAA (the governing body of college sports) stopped selling clothing with players’ last names and/or numbers in 2013 after being accused of trying to make money off of notable college athletes. (Remember, college athletes can’t be paid). NOT COMING TO A STORE NEAR YOU

2. Modest is hottest in college football. A few years ago, the NCAA banned players from wearing crop tops like a 1992 Right Said Fred video. (Ironically today is National One Hit Wonder Day). Players were tucking their jerseys under their pads to make it harder for their opponents to tackle them. SHOWING OFF OUR SIX PACK (OF BEER) 

3. Arizona State will be wearing new “selfless” Adidas uniforms this season. The new unis will be made of sustainable Econyl Yarn and be accompanied by cleats made from recycled materials. The University of Miami was the first ever football team to support an environmentally friendly look last season when they debuted uniforms made from recycled ocean waste. LOOKING GOOD FOR MOTHER EARTH 

4. The early football uniforms were heavily inspired by rugby. The first football helmet was created in 1893 by U.S. Naval Academy player Joseph Reeve. After being kicked in the head too many times, he put together a moleskin hat with earflaps to prevent further injury. His invention was later used by paratroopers during World War I. THAT'S USING YOUR NOGGIN'

5. There are quite a few teams sporting throwback uniforms this season, most are reverting back to the colors/uniforms when their team was winning. Then there’s Oregon. The Ducks most famous alumni is Phil Knight, co-founder of Nike, who makes sure his team is outfitted. They have hundreds of uniform combinations. THE FIELD IS THE RUNWAY


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