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Looks Like We Made It

Looks Like We Made It

Be prepared for the unofficial start of summer.

The Rundown: Ugly Sweater Not Included

While you were busy this weekend rocking that ugly sweater and singing holiday karaoke, there was plenty of excitement happening in the world of sports. We have what everyone is talking about, besides that video of your co-worker’s impression of the boss.

Darn you vodka,

The Last Night’s Game Team


  • Winner winner.  The Seattle Sounders and Toronto FC (Football Club) battled Saturday for the MLS Cup but neither of them scored a goal in regulation time or overtime. Therefore, the quest for the title came down to penalty kicks. Seattle won, securing the club’s first ever MLS Championship. Seattle did not have a shot on goal until the penalty kicks. (That means they didn’t even come close to scoring a goal until the penalty kicks).

NCAA Football (College) 

  • Pat on the back. The presentation of the award for the best player in college football, the Heisman Trophy, was on Saturday. It was no surprise that University of Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson was named the winner. Jackson is the first Heisman winner from Louisville and the youngest recipient ever. He also claimed the award while rocking a red velvet sport coat.
  • Good vs Bad. The Heisman Trophy presentation brings together all of the former winners. A photo from the award presentation of Tim Tebow and Johnny Manziel together set the internet on fire as they are literally different ends of the moral spectrum. Read the funny tweets here.
  • At last. Army ended a 14-year winless drought to the Naval Academy, winning in front of a crowd of 71,000+ that included President-Elect Donald Trump.

NFL (National Football League)

  • Brr. The Pittsburgh Steelers and Buffalo Bills game in New York was exactly how you'd imagine, freezing cold with heavy snowfall. Steelers’ Le’Veon Bell wasn’t bothered as he set the franchise record for rushing yards and secured a Steelers win. 
  • You had one job. The Buffalo ground crew didn’t have quite the same luck in the snow. While removing snow from the field they also removed the black rubber pellets from the artificial turf causing a delay in the game to fix the field. The pellets make the turf soft (i.e. safe), otherwise it’s basically concrete.


  • Wrestler and occasional Today Show co-host John Cena hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend. He spared no expense poking fun at student athletes with this skit about a football player at Alabama. He struck gold with a game show skit entitled “Where’d Your Money Go?” featuring "athletes." Key takeaway - don't buy a cheetah.  

Sideline stat

  • The Dallas Cowboys (NFL) were on an 11-game winning streak after losing their only game this season to the New York Giants. Last night the Giants once again beat the Cowboys to break their winning streak. No word yet on whether or not the state of Texas has outlawed Green Giant products. 

Coaches’ corner

  • Jägermeister and the Milwaukee Bucks (NBA) are in the headlines but not for a new collaborative cocktail.  Jägermeister has filed an appeal with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office over the redesigned Bucks logo featuring a deer. The appeal states that the new Bucks logo is very similar to the German liquor company's logo. See for yourself.