The Rundown: Weekend Preview Edition

The weekend is looming and we hope whatever you have planned is as entertaining as Brett Phillips at a comedy show. Baseball teams are cracking down; first no facial hair, now no pie in the face.

But we love dessert,

The Last Night’s Game Team

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MLB (Major League Baseball) 

  • No tolerance. Yankees closer Aroldis Chapman has been suspended for 30 games at the start of the regular season for a domestic dispute where he allegedly choked his girlfriend and fired a handgun. No charges were ever filed. Chapman will lose $2.17 million during his suspension. This is the first suspension handed out under commissioner Rob Manfred’s new domestic violence policy.
  • Laugh out loud. Minor league outfielder for the Milwaukee Brewers, Brett Phillips, has a laugh that can’t be contained. As part of #MomJokeMonday his teammate, Will Smith, told him cheesy jokes on camera. Smith laughs harder at Phillips laugh than the joke. Watch the video for your Friday funny. 

NBA (National Basketball Association)

  • Rest in peace. Oklahoma Thunder co-owner, Aubrey McClendon, died in a car crash on Wednesday. McClendon was charged this week by the Justice Department for conspiracy to suppress prices paid for oil and natural gas leases while in charge of Chesapeake Energy. The cause of the crash is under investigation. 

NCAA Football (College)

  • Protecting the Ivy League noggin. Concussions are back in the news. This time Ivy League coaches have voted to ban tackling during regular season practices in hopes to reduce concussions and injuries.

UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship)

  • Fight club. Connor McGregor will take on Nate Diaz on Saturday. Diaz is filling in due to injury to the original opponent. He’s fighting on two weeks’ notice. The co-main event features champion Holly Holm (who beat Ronda Rousey) vs Meisha Tate. UFC 197 is in Las Vegas on Saturday night at 7 pm (Pay-Per-View)


  • She can really fly. U.S. Olympic gold medalist, Lindsey Vonn, is putting her skiing career on hold. She reinjured her surgically repaired knee during the FIS Alpine Ski World Cup Women’s Super G. Doctors told her that she could risk her future in ski racing including the Winter Olympics in 2018. Hang in there Lindsey!


  • Rob ‘Gronk’ Gronkowski went from twerking on a cruise ship to participating in a new Nickelodeon series along with Cam Newton called “All In.” Newton will serve as the host and Gronk will be the face of the “Crashletes,” clips of sports action plays. 

Sideline Stat

  • Tiger Woods opened a brand new golf course in Montgomery, Texas. The inaugural round of golf was played with kids.  11-year-old Taylor Crozier walked up and hit a hole in one. No big deal.

Coaches’ Corner

  • Baltimore Orioles have banned any “pies to the face” in postgame celebrations for safety reasons. The team is known for smashing a whipped cream pie in the face of a teammate after winning a big game during postgame interviews. We bet team meeting went something like this “It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye.” In fact, Florida Marlins Chris Coughlan once tore his meniscus pie-ing a teammate in the face.