The Rundown: Weekend Preview Edition - Derby Style

It’s Kentucky Derby Eve and we’re as enthusiastic as the makers of Advil on the morning after Cinco de Mayo. (No mas tequila por favor). Like a plate of nachos, we’ve got it all for you today including Derby insight from our horse racing expert.

We’re off to the races,

The Last Night’s Game Team

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Kentucky Derby

  • We went straight to the source to provide our readers with an insight into the 146th running of the Kentucky Derby from the mind of our three-year-old horse expert. We asked Case, who is the same age as the horses racing, to help us answer our reader questions.
  • Q: What does a jockey do? A: He rides on race horses and tells them to go fast.
  • Q: Who should we pick to win the derby? A: Danzing Candy, because his last name is candy.
  • Q: What are you going to wear for the Kentucky Derby? A: My Arizona State University hat and a nice shirt.
  • Q: What's your favorite Kentucky Derby food? A: Carrots, because that’s what horses like to eat.
  • Q: How fast do the horses run around the track? A: Sooo fast! I can almost run as fast when I have my soccer shoes on. But sometimes they start off slow and then come from the outside to take the lead.
  • Q: How do horses get to Kentucky? A: My favorite horse, American Pharaoh (2015 Triple Crown winner, now retired), takes Air Horse One.

Click here for our post on Five Things to Know About the Kentucky Derby. You can watch the 146th running of the Kentucky Derby on Saturday at 6:34 pm (EST) on NBC.  

NBA (National Basketball Association)

  • For the three. Cleveland Cavaliers hit an NBA record 25 three-pointers against the Atlanta Hawks. Cavaliers take 2-0 series lead (best of seven series). 
  • More NBA playoff excitement this weekend. You can find the schedule here

NFL (National Football League)

  • Doing good. It’s nice to hear of an athlete using their celebrity for good. Minnesota Vikings' running back Adrian Peterson is donating $100,000 to his hometown of Palestine, Texas after floods destroyed homes and killed six. Beyond the initial donation, he will match donations made to the relief efforts in Palestine, TX though the Salvation Army.

NHL (National Hockey League)

  • Blown away. Mr. Carrie Underwood, Mike Fisher, scored the winning goal for his Nashville Predators in the third overtime. He ended his 12-year overtime scoring drought to lead his team to a win over the San Jose Sharks and tie the playoff series 2-2.


  • National Pro Fastpitch League pitcher Monica Abbot signed the largest contract in league history. The pitcher for the Houston Scrap Yard Dawgs signed a deal for six years, $1 million. Abbott will make the standard salary of $20,000 per year, with huge incentives built into her contract for attendance numbers. The bonus is in play for a small number of games, regardless if she’s pitching or not. Attendance at these games must reach more than 100 fans to qualify.

Sideline stat

  • Phoenix Coyotes hire 26-year-old GM (general manager), John Chayka. He is the youngest NHL GM by a long shot - the next closest in age is 42.

In other news of successful youth, Max Verstappen was the youngest Formula One driver in history at 17 and he will now replace Red Bull driver Daniil Kvyat for the rest of the season. For the record we may have underwear older than these two superstars.

Coaches’ Corner

  • Derby hat? Check. Mint julep recipe? Check. Money to bet on the ponies? Check. We’re sending you off to your Derby party with all that you need so you will look like an expert when you place your bets.

You can pick a horse to -“win” which is a first place finish; “place” which is a second place finish; or “show” which is a third place finish.

You can also pick the “trifecta,” which is a popular bet where you pick the exact order of the top three horses.

  • In case you simply want to pick them by names (there are some great ones) here are the odds for each of the horses according to Danzing Candy has 15-1 odds to win and favorite Nyquist (not to be confused with Nyquil) is at 3-1 odds.  
  • Want more? Here’s some additional horse racing terminology for your perusal.