The Rundown: Friday…Where Have You Been All My Life?

We don’t know about you but this week back to work after the holidays felt like a week full of Mondays. Phew – we made it. Happy Friday!

It’s a great weekend to work on your touchdown dance,

The Last Night’s Game Team


PS - Since the majority of the country is being hit with some sort of precipitation this weekend, here are a few tailgate treats that’ll give you an excuse to stay inside. 

NFL (National Football League)

  • This weekend is filled with wild card playoff games. Who qualifies to be a wild card team? They are the top four teams in each league that did not win their division but were still really good.

Saturday games

  • Oakland Raiders vs Houston Texans - Raiders rookie starting quarterback Connor Cook has never started a game before and Texans starting quarterback Brock Osweiler was benched this year for bad performance. This ought to be a doozy. 
  • Detroit Lions vs Seattle Seahawks- The Seahawks have never lost a playoff game on their home turf at CenturyLink Field and the Lions have never won a game there. Talk about home field advantage. 

Sunday games

  • Going back back back. After 31 years of hosting ESPN’s NFL studio programming, the iconic Chris Berman will be stepping down after this season. Berman is staying with ESPN, but in a different role. No replacement has been named but we guarantee his job is the hottest ticket in town since Billy Joel played in baseball stadiums.


  • The piano man himself, Billy Joel, is determined to make baseball exciting. He announced that he’ll be playing in Major League Baseball stadiums on his upcoming tour. During his six stadium tour he’ll play where his career started, in Los Angeles. He’ll play at Dodgers Stadium on May 13th. Will he be rocking out in your city? Find out here.

Sideline stat

  • The Las Vegas SuperContest is one of the most prestigious competitions for NFL bettors. It puts your $1,500 entry fee up against 1,854 entries for a prize of more than $900,000. This year’s contest was won by a Starbucks barista. No word if he showed up to make Frappuccinos for demanding teenagers the next day.

Coaches’ corner

  • NBA (National Basketball Association) all-star voting is open to the fans and they are showing why the fan vote only counts for 50% of the game’s starting line-up. You’ve probably never heard of Golden State Warriors’ Zaza Pachulia, who is an average NBA player. Well he’s in second place in all-star voting behind his powerhouse teammate Kevin Durant. He may be a fan favorite but he’s not at the all-star level quite yet. This is why the fans can’t have nice things.