Freaky Friday


It’s Friday the 13th and while you should avoid black cats and broken mirrors, knowing what’s happening this weekend in sports is bound to be good luck.


Don’t step on a crack,

The Last Night’s Game Team


PS - Today's Tailgate Treat is said to bring good luck...cake! Take it a step further by baking a coin into it


Look out for carnies. This weekend features one of the biggest rivalries in college football, the "Red River Rivalry.” The Texas Longhorns and the Oklahoma Sooners (#12) will play on the grounds of the Texas State Fair in the famed Cotton Bowl, where bragging rights and the Golden Hat Trophy are at stake. 


Moving on. The next round of the MLB playoffs is set. In the American League, the New York Yankees will take on the Houston Astros. In the National League, it will be last season’s World Series champs, the Chicago Cubs, vs. Los Angeles Dodgers. The two winners will meet in the World Series. SCHEDULE.


Win some, lose some. This weekend the Kansas City Chiefs look to remain the only undefeated team in the NFL. On the other hand, the New York Giants are looking for their first win of the season.


With wildfires devastating Northern California, air quality has become a concern for the Los Angeles Chargers vs. Oakland Raiders game in Oakland on Sunday. Keep an eye out as the teams could call an audible and change the game’s location. 


The bay area’s professional sports teams have all teamed up to help. The Oakland Raiders (NFL), Oakland Athletics (MLB), San Jose Earthquakes (MLS – Major League Soccer), San Francisco Giants (MLB), Golden State Warriors (NBA – National Basketball Association) and San Jose Sharks (NHL – National Hockey League) together donated $450,000 to the victims of the North Bay wildfires.


Since it’s Friday the 13th, we thought we’d leave you with one of our favorite sports superstitions. The golden thong was worn by former MLB player Jason Giambi to help him break out of hitting slumps. Rumor has it that said tiny undergarment was left in the lockers of his teammates and they all began to hit well when they wore it. For more hilarious sports superstitions, click here.