5 Things You Didn’t Know About College Mascots

Concerned that your unicorn costume might be a little too much for trick or treating? Look no further. We have five potential Halloween costume candidates right here.  


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Five Things You Didn’t Know About College Mascots

1. Replacing its Indian mascot in the 2000s, the unofficial mascot for Dartmouth is “Keggy.” The barrel of booze may be a fan favorite but sadly the school isn’t very good at sports so the rest of the world doesn’t get to join in on the fun.  

2. Albert and Alberta are the gator mascots for the University of Florida. This year the team took the gator love a little too far, creating dreadful “swamp green” alligator skin patterned jerseys. Alligators everywhere were embarrassed by this new look.  

3. Last week Ole Miss decided that their bear mascot wasn’t cutting it and adopted the landshark as their mascot. Maybe they were hoping for a sponsorship from Landshark beer? (In case you’re wondering a landshark is defined as “a swindler of sailors on shore.”)

4. Stanford University’s team name is “The Cardinal” (after the color red). The school does not have an official mascot. A pine tree has become the de facto mascot but it is technically part of the band. We’re sure you’ve seen the jubilant tree on the sidelines and wondered why someone brought a giant car freshener tree to the game. Now you know.

5. Wichita State University is known as the shockers. (Yes, you read that correctly). The nickname was originally created because many of the players worked in the off-season harvesting (aka shocking) wheat in the fields. You learn something new every day.   


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