The Rundown: Out On A Limb

This weekend the men and women of college basketball hit the hardwood to determine which teams will play for the national championship. Not to be outdone, the boys of summer will pick up the hardwood and start their season swinging for the fences.


It’s a bad weekend to be a tree,

The Last Night’s Game Team

NCAA Men’s March Madness Tournament 

NCAA Women’s March Madness Tournament  

  • Ladies first. The women's Final Four is today in Dallas with Stanford taking on South Carolina and Mississippi State battling it out with Connecticut.
  • We’re in this together. Both the South Carolina men’s and women’s teams are in their respective Final Four. UConn (Connecticut) was the last school to win both the men’s and women’s titles in same year (2014).


  • By now you’ve probably heard about the "artistic" bust created of soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo that will now sit at his hometown airport, which has been renamed in his honor. Words cannot describe the injustice done to a man who isn’t too hard on the eyes (but his statue is). Here’s the photo.  

Sideline stat

  • Cleveland Cavaliers' LeBron James passed Shaquille O'Neal for seventh on the NBA all-time scoring list. (Shaq took it well). At the ripe old age of 32 he sits roughly 10,000 points below the all-time leader, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Seems like a lofty goal but James is on pace to break that record in five years.

Coaches’ Corner

  • In honor of baseball season starting on Sunday, what does it mean to be “on deck?” At a MLB (Major League Baseball) game, there's a circle next to the team’s dugout. That is referred to as the on-deck circle and that’s where the batter who is up next goes to warm up before his at bat.

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