The Rundown: Happy May Day

It’s May Day – the start of a new month. You have 31 days to conquer the world using sports to avoid awkward conversation.


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The Last Night’s Game Team

NBA (National Basketball Association)

  • Leaving it all on the floor. Boston Celtics’ Isiah Thomas channeled his inner hockey player, coming back to dominate the game after losing a tooth. Thomas helped his team win after returning to Boston at 4 am from attending the funeral of his sister who was killed in a car accident two weeks ago. 

Wondering when your team will play in the next round of the NBA playoffs? Here you go.

NFL (National Football League)

Mr. Irrelevant is the last man chosen in the draft – the 253rd pick. He’s considered irrelevant because the odds are against him to actually make the team.

F1 (Formula One)

  • Everyone remembers their first time. It was a big day in Russia yesterday but this has nothing to do with politics. Driver Valtteri Bottas, who started racing in 2013, brought home his first career win in Sochi, Russia. 


  • The most heartwarming pick in the draft came from the Pittsburgh Steelers. They selected James Conner of the University of Pittsburgh in the third round. Conner came back after beating cancer to excel on the field in his senior college season.

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