The Rundown: 5 Things To Know About The Adventures of the Stanley Cup

The NHL (National Hockey League) champions are crowned in the Stanley Cup Finals. The Stanley Cup is also the name of the trophy the winning team receives. After their win, every player on the championship team gets to spend a day with the Cup. Let’s see what sort of hilarious adventures the Cup has been on in its history.


It would make an amazing coffee mug,

The Last Night’s Game Team


PS – In case you’re out of the loop, the underdog Nashville Predators, whose captain is Mike Fisher aka Mr. Carrie Underwood, and the defending champions, Pittsburgh Penguins, play game two in the Stanley Cup Finals tonight.  

5 Things To Know About The Adventures of the Stanley Cup

  1. While every player has a chance to spend the day with the trophy, there are no overnight dates in the fantasy suite. The Cup has a midnight curfew.
  2. The Cup, which has a it's own Twitter account and chaperone, has seen it all. It has been used as a baptismal font, left on the side of the road, gone fishing and spent some time in the sauna
  3. The Cup isn’t remade every year like most sports. The names of all members of the winning teams (including coaches and management) are etched into the trophy.
  4. The defending champs, the Pittsburgh Penguins, took the Cup around the world including to Russia, Sweden, Finland and Germany. There were mixed drinks consumed out of it and it held breakfast for both horses and a human.
  5. The Cup isn’t only for men. There are 12 women with their names inscribed on the trophy.


  • Here's something to talk about over dinner tonight. A "dumb redneck with a bad idea" (his words not ours…) smuggled in a catfish into game one of the Stanely Cup Finals and threw it on the ice during the game - a Predators tradition since 2003. Getting the fish into the arena was a whole other story that involved running it over with his truck, mass amounts of Old Spice and a pair of compression shorts. Be prepared to laugh at this story.

Sideline Stat

  • Memorial Day baseball brought us a bench clearing brawl. San Francisco Giants pitcher Hunter Strickland hit Washington Nationals’ Bryce Harper intentionally with a pitch which resulted in helmet and fist throwing excitement. MLB (Major League Baseball) announced that Harper will be suspended for four games and Strickland for six games. Both are appealing their suspension.

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