The Rundown: 5 Famous Athlete Dads And Their Equally Athletic Kids

In the spirit of Father’s Day this weekend (hint: buy dad a card now), we bring you five interesting and famous athlete fathers and their athlete children.


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Five Famous Athlete Dads And Their Equally Athletic Kids

  1. Ken Griffey Sr. and Ken Griffey Jr. became the first father-son duo to play in a MLB (Major League Baseball) game together. Griffey Jr. is a member of the Hall of Fame, but Griffey Sr. won two World Series rings. Griffey Jr.’s son Trey was drafted by the Seattle Mariners (MLB) but actually signed with the Indianapolis Colts (NFL – National Football League).
  2. NASCAR’s (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) dynamic duo was Dale Earnhardt Sr. and Earnhardt Jr. Papa Earnhardt's nickname was “The Intimidator” and he did just that with 76 career wins (his son has 26). He died from injuries sustained in a crash at the Daytona 500 at the age of 49. Earnhardt Jr. won that same race three years later in 2004. Earnhardt Jr.'s grandfather was also a NASCAR driver.  
  3. Laila Ali had big shoes to fill when she followed in her dad’s footsteps. Her father was the one and only, the “World’s Greatest,” boxer Muhammed Ali. A boxing champion herself, she's also a television personality and fitness guru who has appeared on shows such as American Gladiator and Dancing With The Stars.
  4. Basketball greatness runs in the family for the newest NBA (National Basketball Association) Champion and two-time league MVP, Stephen Curry. His father Dell, is considered one of the best shooters of his time. Papa Curry is the all-time leader in points and three pointers for the Charlotte Hornets. Steph’s youngest brother Seth plays basketball for the Dallas Mavericks.
  5. You can’t have a list of famous fathers and their kids without mentioning the ultimate trio – the Manning crew. Dad, Archie Manning was a NFL (National Football League) quarterback for 15 years. His quarterback sons Peyton and Eli have both won two Super Bowls. Their third brother Cooper, is ‘only’ a partner in a law firm and a TV personality. What a group of slackers. 


  • Last year the Golden State Warriors had a record setting season but lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals. This year, with one of the most explosive offensive teams ever, the Warriors redeemed themselves by beating the Cavaliers on Monday night to take home the NBA Championship.

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  • The Warriors celebrated their victory like champions by drinking massive bottles of champagne and racking up a $150,000 bill at a Bay Area nightclub. We’ll have what he’s having.   

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