The Rundown: Monday Mayhem

Happy Monday! While you may still wish it was Sunday, today’s a clean slate to start off a great week.


That’s the spirit!

The Last Night’s Game Team

Tour De France

  • You look good in yellow. Britain’s Chris Froome won his third consecutive Tour de France and his fourth overall Tour title yesterday. After 23 grueling days, he received prize money valued at $572,000. (See below where four days of golf lands you $1.8 million). 

PGA (Professional Golfers Association)

WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association)

  • Winning and looking good while doing it. The WNBA All-Star Game was in Seattle this weekend and not only did the West beat the East, but they also brought their A game when it came to their shoes. If you’re looking for a new pair of kicks, these ladies rocked it.


  • Where do athletes go during games to pee? (Don’t act like you’ve never been curious). They can’t simply leave the field when nature calls. Here’s a funny sneak peek into what athletes do when there are no other options. All we’re saying is choose your sideline Gatorade cup carefully.

Sideline stat

  • Discovery Channel kicked off its Shark Week by pitting Olympian Michael Phelps against a great white shark. Spoiler alert! They didn’t actually race in the ocean side by side and some viewers were not happy about that. Apparently they don't care about killing off an American treasure. Regardless, the shark utilized the home field advantage of the shark infested, cold South African waters to beat Phelps by two seconds

Coaches’ corner

  • The U.S. Men’s National Team beat Costa Rica to advance to the Gold Cup finals on Wednesday against Jamaica. Why is this match so important? Well, Team U.S.A. has some work to do to become an international soccer powerhouse. This tournament is like a dress rehearsal for the World Cup because it gives them a chance to play against some great competition a year before the world’s biggest sporting event.