The Rundown: Hitting It Out Of The Park

It’s a Manic Monday at Wimbledon but hopefully not for you.


Let’s just fast forward to Friday already,

The Last Night’s Team

MLB (Major League Baseball)

  • Tonight is the MLB Home Run Derby in Miami, FL. The derby is the precursor to the all-star game tomorrow night. Catch our special edition Five Things To Know to learn more about the derby and the all-star game.


  • Yesterday’s Middle Sunday at Wimbledon led to today’s Manic Monday. It’s ‘manic’ because every player left in the tournament, man or woman, will take to the court to fight for a spot in the quarterfinals. The Brits mix it up - this unique schedule is unlike any other Grand Slam tournament.


Sideline stat

Coaches’ Corner

  • Soccer icon Wayne Rooney is stirring up the pot in the world’s most popular sport. Rooney left the behemoth of Manchester United Football Club to return to his roots with Everton Football Club. Rooney's career began with Everton at age 16. Rooney is on the backend of his stellar career and was seeing less playing time at Man U.