5 Thought-Provoking Things To Know About Wimbledon

The Grand Slam tournament is in full swing so put on your Wimbledon whites to volley the tennis conversation at work, at home or while you’re out at happy hour.


See you on centre court,

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PS – In case you’re not into tennis, we have the other trending topics below for you as well. For the win!

Five Thought-Provoking Things To Know About Wimbledon

  • Unlike the clay courts you might play on, the courts at Wimbledon are grass. As you can imagine the grass is slippery and as play continues the grass begins to wear down, causing the ball to have an unpredictable bounce. (Notice the dead grass when you watch a match). Wimbledon is the only Grand Slam Tournament (one of four during the season) that is played on grass.
  • Like a famous Diddy party, you must wear white to play. (Is it P. Diddy? Puff Daddy now? Who can keep track?) All players are required to wear white to participate. You may remember the controversial white Nike dress from last year’s tournament. So far this year is without a Fashion Police incident.
  • The traditional food of Wimbledon may not coincide with your white attire, but while you’re there you can tuck into some traditional strawberries and cream or a Pimm’s Cup cocktail. Don’t worry there’s also afternoon tea, a tradition since 1877.  
  • Nothing ruins your day or your match like a little bird poop. Well you don’t have to worry about that at Wimbledon either. Rufus is a specially trained hawk that keeps other birds off of the courts. (Seriously, have they thought of everything)?
  • Everyone’s been fighting for it but Wimbledon has it figured out. No, not faster internet - equal pay. Both the male and female winners of the tournament take home the same amount in prize money - $2.8 million.  


  • The four-city press tour began yesterday for the late August fight between Floyd Mayweather (boxer) and Conor McGregor (UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship). As you can imagine there was a lot of trash talk between the two with f-bombs flying around like confetti and talk about “Money” Mayweather’s inability to pay his $22.2M tax bill. We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention McGregor’s suit featuring pinstripes containing a word that rhymes with duck.

Sideline stat

  • The American League took home the win in last night’s MLB (Major League Baseball) All-Star Game. The fifth win in a row for the American League featured some magnificent at bats and a player stopping the game for a photo with an umpire. The Seattle Mariners’ Robinson Canó took home the game’s MVP honors.

Coaches’ corner

  • A few other points about the current play in Wimbledon.
    • Venus Williams made her Wimbledon debut a few months before her last competitor, Jelena Ostapenko, was born. Williams won the match and now advances to the semifinals. 
    • It’s been 17 years since an American man has won Wimbledon. Sam Querrey is our best hope and he’s playing today against England’s Andy Murray.