It's Called Balance

This weekend is filled with firsts and frustrations in sports. The good news is, it also involves beer.


You win some, you lose some,

The Last Night’s Game Team  

MLB (Major League Baseball) 

  • A.K.A. MLB announced its plans for Players Weekend (Aug. 25 – 27). As part of the inaugural weekend, players will have their nicknames on the back of their jerseys instead of their last names. Even the New York Yankees are on board with the nicknames and they've never featured players' names on their uniforms. Be prepared to root for Sweet Lettuce, Dr. Chill and Corn Boy.

PGA (Professional Golfers Association)

  • Save the best for last. It’s time for the PGA Championship in Charlotte, NC, the last major of the season. (There are four major tournaments in a season). Keep an eye on Jordan Spieth who is one win away from winning his career grand slam, which is when a player wins all four majors during their career.


  • The NBA owners (National Basketball Association) are considering rules designed to cut back on teams benching healthy players for regular season games. This is to please the league’s fans and partners because no one wants to go to a game where LeBron James isn’t playing.  Is the league overstepping their authority or improving the experience? Tell us on Twitter!

Sideline stat

  • Five f-bombs. Yep that’s what typically mild-mannered NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) driver Danica Patrick had to say about fellow driver Kyle Busch. Busch caused her to spin out in a race last week and finish in 22nd place. Her frustration is something other drivers have felt too. She ended her rant by saying, “Now I know why people hate him!” Touché.

Coaches’ corner

  • To us football and beer go together like peanut butter and jelly, but not in college football. Yesterday, the Air Force Academy announced it will allow alcohol sales during football games, the first service academy to do so.

The NCAA (the governing body for college football) has no specific rule against selling alcohol at games, but it is not as prominent as you may think. During the 2016 season, only a quarter of the schools sold alcohol in their entire stadium. In fact, the SEC (Southeastern Conference) has banned alcohol sales at games.