Total Eclipse Of The Heart

In case you missed it, there’s a solar eclipse today. Since you can’t look directly at it, save your retinas and read The Rundown.


It’s just as mind blowing,

The Last Night’s Game Team


PS – When is the best time to watch the eclipse in your neck of the woods? Punch your zip code into this interactive map to find out.

LPGA (Ladies Professional Golfers Association)

  • Happy hour. Team U.S.A. took advantage of home field advantage, dominating Team Europe to win the Solheim Cup for the second time in a row. Twitter lost it when Team U.S.A. captain Juli Inkster celebrated the victory not with champagne, but with a Styrofoam cup labeled “vodka tonic.” Hey, a girl has needs.

MLB (Major League Baseball)

  • You’ve got to fight for your right. MLB umpires wore white wristbands as a sign of solidarity in protest against “abusive player behavior,” after one of their own was verbally assaulted by a player last week. The protest lasted about a day and was ended because MLB’s commissioner agreed to meet with them. In other news, your boss called and said don't get any ideas.


  • Football scholarship reveals have become the new prom or marriage proposal. These are presented to “walk ons” (players who weren’t recruited for the team, but tried out anyway) who not only receive a spot on the team but a full-ride scholarship. So far this season we’ve seen a field goal for a scholarship, a t-shirt cannon and an Easter Egg hunt. (Click on the links to watch. Trust us, they’ll make you smile this morning).

Sideline stat

  • For the first time, MLB teams played in Williamsport, PA, home of the Little League Baseball World Series. The big leaguers spent time with the little leaguers but St. Louis Cardinals players Tommy Pham and Carlos Martinez went a step further and bought snow cones for 200 kids during an especially hot game. Now that’s cool.

Coaches’ corner

  • It’s been reported that today’s eclipse will cost over $700 million in lost productivity and with football season around the corner, coaches don’t have time to stop and stare. Among the great reactions, Alabama’s head coach Nick Saban said he watches the Weather Channel every day and they’ve told him what it’s going to look like so that’s good enough. Baltimore Ravens head coach said they strive for perfection so having an 80% eclipse doesn’t interest him.