Coffee, Tea Or LNG?

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Start your Monday off right with conversation starters to carry you through the day. 

Talk amongst yourselves,

The Last Night's Game Team 

NFL (National Football League)

  • Welcome home. In the team's first game at home, JJ Watt received a hero's welcome. The Houston Texans player has raised over $31 million and counting for the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. Alongside donations from other athletes, superstars like Ellen DeGeneres and Jimmy Fallon made significant contributions to the fund.  
  • Build it and they will come.  The Los Angeles Rams opened their season yesterday and they dominated the Indianapolis Colts. Unfortunately, there were few people in the crowd to witness the win. Twitter had a field day with the awful attendance. 
  • Coming up. In case you didn't get enough football this weekend, tonight there are two Monday Night Football games. One will feature the first female broadcaster to ever call a nationally televised football game.


  • On top of the world. Sloane Stephens went from unseeded (ranked 934 in the world) to Women’s U.S. Open champion on Saturday. The tournament believes in equal pay when it comes to the winner's earnings and Stephens reaction to receiving her $3.7M check is priceless.

College Football

  • Victorious. In the big game of the weekend, the underdog Oklahoma Sooners (5) leveled the Ohio State Buckeyes (2) at home. Although the real excitement came from the Louisiana Tech game where the football had the last laugh during this play.


  • Remember when your mom would call you by the name of your sibling when she was mad? The Indianapolis Colts coach was so distraught by the blowout loss (see above) he kept referring to the Rams as the San Francisco 49ers when talking to reporters. Someone get this man a beer. Stat!

Sideline stat

  • Rafael Nadal was crowned the Men’s U.S. Open champion for his 16th career Grand Slam win, three behind the record 19 wins held by Roger Federer. If we’re throwing out numbers, Serena Williams has won 23 Grand Slams.

(A Grand Slam, also known as a major, is one of the four major tournaments in tennis).   

Coaches’ corner

  • MLB (Major League Baseball) season is winding down, with the playoffs beginning in October. This weekend the Washington Nationals became the first team to secure a playoff spot.