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PS - Today's Tailgate Treat is a traditional one with a healthier twist. 

NFL (National Football League)

  • Not looking good. Week two is pivotal in the NFL because teams that lose their first two games are unlikely to make the playoffs. (Only 12% of the teams with that losing record actually make it to the playoffs). So, you’re saying there’s a chance?

    Here's the NFL and college football schedule for the weekend.


F1 Racing (Formula One Racing)

  • Break free. The F1 circuit is stopping in Singapore for the only full night race of the season. The stars come out for the race and the after party. While Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton hopes to take home the checkered flag, the post-race fun will feature Calvin Harris, Ariana Grande and The Chainsmokers.


  • Here we go again. Friends, we have another boxing match for you. This fight doesn’t have the same level of pomp and circumstance as Mayweather – McGregor but it’s one of the best boxing match ups in years. Canelo Alvarez will take on Gennady “GGG” Golovkin on Saturday night in Las Vegas, NV. Alvarez has only lost once in his career and GGG has never lost. Here’s how the experts think it’ll turn out.


  • Who wants to be a NHL (National Hockey League) goalie? The role with the Los Angeles Kings could be yours. The NHL requires each home team to have an emergency goalie in the stands for every game and the team thought it would be fun to ask the citizens of L.A. to apply. Apply now

Sideline stat

  • The Cleveland Indians just keep winning. They won their 22nd consecutive game last night, claiming the modern era record for games won in a row. (The 1916 New York Giants hold the overall record at 26). Check out fellow Ohio sportsman LeBron James’ congratulatory message.

Coaches’ corner

  • Did you know that Los Angeles was originally competing with Paris for the 2024 Summer Olympics? For being a good sport and taking 2028 instead, L.A. saved "tens of millions of dollars" in International Olympic Committee fees and will receive a $180 million advance. Cha-ching!



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