5 Things To Know About The Scandal That Rocked College Basketball


As if sports didn’t have enough excitement already this week with the anthem protests, yesterday news broke of an FBI (yes that FBI) investigation into a bribery scandal amongst big-time college basketball programs.  Like a good episode of Law and Order, here’s how it all went down.


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Five things to know about the scandal that rocked college basketball

1. The investigation, which started in 2015, resulted in charges for assistant basketball coaches from four schools who pocked cash in exchange for pointing players toward certain financial advisors and sports agents.

2. The other party in trouble is Adidas. They’re in hot water for paying athletes when they committed to play for Adidas sponsored schools. Coincidence that last week they were named the second most popular shoe in America, passing Jordans? That’s some shady stuff.

3. Four assistant basketball coaches have been charged with violating federal statutes on bribery and wire fraud. They’re from the University of Arizona, Auburn, Oklahoma State University and USC (University of Southern California). University of Louisville may also be amongst the accused.

4. This is where it’s going hurt even more. The penalties are just beginning. Not only do those involved have to worry about the FBI charges but the NCAA smackdown on the schools could be painful. Louisville could face the NCAA death penalty as this isn’t their first violation. (See the coaches’ corner for more on this).

5. Why is the FBI involved you ask? Well because the institutions are receiving federal funds and this violates the federal statues on bribery and wire fraud (amongst other charges). Besides they have investigation resources the NCAA doesn’t have like wiretapping, subpoenas and threats of prison time. Yowza.


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