Friday For The Win!

While you may not be a sports fan, you’re probably a fan of a great conversation. Here’s what everyone will be talking about this weekend. 


It’s Fri-YAY!

The Last Night’s Game Team


PS - Today's tailgate treat will warm your bellies with fall around the corner. Mac and cheese bites baby!

NFL (National Football League)

United front. Look for the anthem protests to continue to be a hot topic this weekend in the NFL. In the past week, we’ve seen anthem singers quit, owners speak out and last night in Green Bay, we saw Packers fans join in at the encouragement of the team.

College Basketball

Heads will roll. The fallout from the FBI investigation into the college basketball bribery scandal is just beginning with University of Louisville’s head coach and athletic director as the first victims to lose their jobs. (Here’s a quick summary on the scandal).

MLB (Major League Baseball)

You’ve made it. It’s the last weekend of the regular season for baseball. While many of the spots in the playoffs have been clinched, there are still a few open. The big teams to watch this weekend are the Milwaukee Brewers and the Colorado Rockies as they vie for a spot in the post season that starts next week.


The third annual Invictus Games also wrap up this weekend. The stories and success of 550 injured service men and women turned athletes overshadowed the debut of the Games' founder Prince Harry and his girlfriend Meghan Markle. If you need some morning inspiration, read this story about a newly minted indoor rowing silver medalist who is a triple amputee.

Sideline stat

The PGA (Professional Golfers Association) season may be over but there’s one more chance to prove who’s the best. The top golfers in the world have assembled into two teams – Team U.S. and International (featuring players from everywhere but Europe) – in the Presidents Cup. Former presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama were all part of the opening ceremonies yesterday.  

Coaches’ corner

No one is going to overstay their welcome at Purdue anytime soon. University of Michigan head coach took to the media this week to complain that not only are their visitor facilities outdated but his players sat in the team bus during halftime because the locker room didn’t have air conditioning. That’s one way to tackle home-field advantage.