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Break out the champagne because we’re headed to another Super Bowl. You’re not going to be able to avoid the football conversation today so you might as well join them. If you don’t like football, we have a little something for you too.


Show ‘em who’s the boss,

The Last Night’s Game Team  

NFL (National Football League)

If you don’t have a problem with wearing a costume outside of Halloween. In front of a home crowd of fans donning “underdog” dog masks, the Philadelphia Eagles soared to a big victory over the Minnesota Vikings. Police in Philadelphia were worried about celebrating (or rioting) in the streets afterward, so they used Crisco on the light poles so no one could climb them. A great plan by the "Crisco Cops" but apparently it didn't work


When you have that moment of déjà vu. Tom Brady and his New England Patriots are headed to the Super Bowl. Even with his hand injury that required stitches, Brady led his team to a come-from-behind win against the Jacksonville Jaguars. If this lineup looks familiar, the Eagles and the Patriots played each other in the 2005 Super Bowl where the Patriots were victorious.



This is the eighth-time Patriots head coach Bill Belichick and Tom Brady have been to the Super Bowl together. While Belichick is arguably one of the best coaches in history, he’s certainly not a fashion icon, especially in yesterday's postgame press conference outfit. You be the judge. PIC


Sideline stat

The only person to have a better day than the Eagles and Patriots is Suni Strong. He hit a shot from half-court at the Los Angeles Lakers (NBA – National Basketball Association) game to win $100,000. Strong is a composite technician at SpaceX with a side gig as a bounty hunter.


Coaches’ corner

It’s been a tough Australian Open for American women without Serena Williams. Madison Keys is the remaining American woman in the field and she has advanced to the quarterfinals. Williams on the other hand seems to be battling with her toughest opponent yet, a baby stroller.


Stay tuned for the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 4 in Minneapolis. We’ll make sure you’re party ready with a special Super Bowl edition Five Things To Know, coming your way January 31.