Doggone It

It may be cold outside but it’s hot in the world of sports. It’s the first Saturday since August with no football (cue basketball to fill in) and the last four football teams compete on Sunday for a spot in the Super Bowl.


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NBA (National Basketball Association)

When you’re still paying for therapy after being picked last in gym class. The NBA All-Star Game (Feb. 18th) has undergone a face lift this year. The teams will now be chosen by the top vote getter in each conference and this year it’s LeBron James and Steph Curry. The list of starters has been determined by fans, players and media and James and Curry will choose from that list, regardless of conference, to create their team that will play in the all-star game. For more, catch this quick video.


NFL (National Football League)

When you can’t get “Who Let The Dogs Out” out of your head.  They may be the Philadelphia Eagles, but Sunday during their game you will see dog masks everywhere. The Eagles have embraced their underdog label in the playoffs, hence the dog masks. They face the Minnesota Vikings which, with a win, will be the first team ever to play a Super Bowl in their home stadium.



Philadelphia 76ers Joel Embiid asked Rihanna out on a date in 2014. She told him to come back when he’s an all-star. The day has come, Embiid was selected as a starter for the NBA All-Star team. The fans have not forgotten this promise and have been flooding Rihanna’s social media with reminders.


Sideline stat

If you’re more of a dog person, this one’s for you. March Madness brings us bracketology, but have you heard of barketology? Purina and former quarterback and baseball player, Tim Tebow, teamed up to bring you “barketology” for the Westminster Dog Show (Feb. 12-13). You can pick the pups you think will win for a chance at a $1 million prize. Brackets gone doggy style.


Coaches’ corner

All that stands between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Super Bowl are Tom Brady and the mighty New England Patriots this weekend. Everyone has been giving the team advice on how to beat the five-time Super Bowl champs including a first-grade class that sent them a folder of game notes and motivational messages. CHECK IT OUT