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PS - It's the second to last Tailgate Treat this season and this one is guaranteed to make you hungry. Want us to feature your favorite party recipe in our Friday Super Bowl edition? Submit it here. 


When you’ve had it up to here. The U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC) is laying the smackdown on U.S.A. Gymnastics (USAG). They gave the entire USAG board six days to resign or the federation will be decertified. The USOC stated that “Our position comes from a clear sense that the USAG culture needs fundamental rebuilding.” This comes on the heels of the sentencing of former USAG/Michigan State doctor Larry Nassar to 40-175 years for multiple sex crimes.


NFL (National Football League)

When you get a seat at the big kids' table. The best in the NFL will play this Sunday in the Pro Bowl (the NFL’s All-Star Game). While some players choose to opt out of playing in the game after a long season to avoid injury and players from the two Super Bowl teams (Patriots and Eagles) are ineligible to play, it's still a good game because there’s cash on the line. The players on the winning team take home a $64,000 check and the losers $32,000.



Last night CBS hosted the Most Valuable Performer show, a talent show featuring NFL players. The winner was Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker who sang opera. He brought down the house with his rendition of Ave Maria, winning $50,000 for the charity of his choice, the Baltimore School For Arts. Unlike most of us, he could actually quit his day job. WATCH


Sideline stat

A cool $1 million is on the line on Sunday. The NHL (National Hockey League) All-Star game isn’t one game but a three-on-three player tournament with the winning team splitting a $1 million prize.


Coaches’ Corner

Yesterday, Vince McMahon (yes that McMahon from WWE – Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment) announced he’s bringing back the XFL (Xtreme Football League). The XFL was around for one season in 2001 and for all intents and purposes, it was a joke. The league will be relaunched in 2020 and McMahon stressed that no one will be allowed to play if they have a criminal record, even a DUI - a switch from how the XFL was run before. As expected, Twitter had an absolute field day suggesting potential team names. If you’d like to know why this matters to you, let us explain.  


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