Serious Showdown - 5 Big Sporting Events Happening In October

Your October might be packed with picking out the perfect Halloween costume or posing for Instagrammable pumpkin patch photos but the world of sports is brewing with excitement this month.

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1. Start of the NHL (National Hockey League) Season - October 3. Last year’s Stanley Cup Finals brought the NHL some of the best TV ratings in years when the new kids on the block, the Vegas Golden Knights, took on the team who had been around but never won a Stanley Cup, the Washington Capitals. (Caps won). This year expect to see a lot of fanfare around both teams (and Vegas’ ice skating dog). TEETH NOT REQUIRED


2. UFC’s (Ultimate Fighting Championships) Fight of the Year – October 6. Conor McGregor became a household name last year when the UFC fighter went up against boxing legend Floyd Mayweather and lost. This weekend, he’ll fight Russian Khabib Nurmagomedov, an undefeated fighter who wrestled bears (!!) as a kid to train. The fight in Vegas is already sold out and they could set Pay-Per-View records. WHO WRESTLES LIVE BEARS? 

3. Start of the NBA (National Basketball Association) season – October 16. Break out your kicks and sweat bands, basketball season is back. By now we all know the biggest story of the season is LeBron James’ start with the Los Angeles Lakers. While he’s good, it’s still up in the air whether or not the team, which is made up of a lot of young players, will be any good. (They’re also in the same conference as the defending champion Golden State Warriors). LeBron may not win a championship, but at least his move to Hollywood earned him a starring role in the new Space Jam movie. YOU WIN SOME, YOU LOSE SOME

4. Circuit of the Americas (Austin, TX) – October 21. F1 (Formula One) races are more than fast cars and spraying world leaders with champagne. (See here). They’re known for throwing quite the party after the race and the postgame concerts are where it’s at. This race is the only F1 race in the U.S. (although there’s been talk about adding additional races) and they’re pulling out the big guns for the weekend with concerts from Britney Spears and Bruno Mars. 24K RACING AND PARTYING

5. MLB (Major League Baseball) World Series – October 23 - 31. If you think the World Series may not seem very global, you’d be right. The Toronto Blue Jays are the only team outside the U.S. to have won the World Series (1992 & 1993). Although some might argue the Series is worldly because the players are from all over the globeAMERICA’S FAVORITE PASTIME


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