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It’s the weekend and time to take off into the high-flying excitement of infinite sports knowledge.


Soaring above the rest,

The Last Night’s Game Team

PS - Time for this week's tailgating favorite. Break out your meds because this one is good for the soul, but maybe not for the cholesterol levels. BUFFALO CHICKEN DIP

MLB (Major League Baseball)

The squeaky wheel gets the grease. The playoffs are underway and there will be a special pint-sized guest at the Cleveland Indians vs. Houston Astros game- little Astros fan Chloe. She was scolded by another fan for cheering too loudly at a game and the video went viral. The Astros took notice and Chloe is not only going to the game but had a chance to meet her baseball heroes earlier this week. SMALL BUT MIGHTY  



Soul Plane has nothing on Mark Cuban.  As part of the NBA’s efforts to reach its global fans, the Dallas Mavericks and the Philadelphia 76ers are playing two games in China. Don’t fret, the Mavs didn’t have to fly coach, they flew in style on a first class private plane complete with a buffet, bar and plenty of room to stretch those long legs out. HIGH ALTITUDE BALLIN’


Sideline stat

They say actions are greater than words and in this case a Chicago Cubs (MLB) fan had to live up to both. Back in May he tweeted out that he would send a 1,000-word apology letter to Milwaukee Brewers fans if their team finished above his Cubs in the division. Well, the Cubs missed out on a spot in the playoffs when they lost in a winner-take-all game to the Brewers. INSERT FOOT IN MOUTH


Coaches’ Corner

This weekend is the biggest fight of the year for UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). Taking the octagon is Khabib Nurmagomedov, an undefeated Russian fighter who practices by wrestling live bears. He’ll fight Conor McGregor, who boxed Floyd Mayweather last year and is #4 on the Forbes list of highest paid athletes. McGregor also has a new addition in his life, Proper 12 whiskey, his company which is a sponsor of the fight. BOTTOMS UP


What to watch

The NHL (National Hockey League) is also going global with a game between the Edmonton Oilers and the New Jersey Devils on Sunday in Sweden. No word on if the teams’ transportation rivaled the Mavericks (above).  THIS PLANE IS ALREADY TAKEN