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In case you missed it, the Super Bowl is this Sunday. The spectacle where pop culture, kitchen fare and sports collide.


Be there or be square,
The Last Night’s Game Team


PS - It’s our last Tailgate Treat of the season and we’re bringing you the best recipes state by state for the Super Bowl. What’s the most popular recipe in your state? Find out here.

NFL (National Football League)

That #FridayFeeling of impressing your co-workers. It’s inevitable, the Super Bowl is coming. You could choose not to watch it or simply watch it for the commercials. Either way impress everyone over the next few days with your knowledge around the game. How much does the halftime performer make? What food is the most popular? Have the Eagles ever won a Super Bowl? We have it all in our Five Things To Know About The Super Bowl.   


When you can't help but Say Something. Justin Timberlake may be performing during the NFL's halftime show but that didn't stop him from ruffling some feathers with a statement he made in a press conference. Amid all the concussion controversy that surrounds the league, he told a reporter that his son would "never play football."



On Sunday before the Super Bowl, you can tune into the Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl. The real winners, besides the viewers of course, are the puppies because all of them are adoptable shelter dogs. (Hint: they all get adopted). This year’s game will feature 90 puppies from a record 58 shelters and rescue groups from 24 states and Puerto Rico. The cheerleaders? Obviously, baby barnyard animals. Also helping out the referee? Shirley the rescue sloth. 15 FUN FACTS ABOUT THE PUPPY BOWL


Sideline stat

Experts predict over $4.76 billion will be wagered on the Super Bowl this year but only three percent of it will be legally bet in Nevada. The rest of the money will be bet with offshore sportsbooks and local bookmakers. (Nevada is currently the only state where you can bet on a single game). SPORTS BETTING 101


Coaches’ Corner

The biggest tradition in the storied Duke basketball program is “Krzyzewskiville," where students camp out before games to secure their game ticket. (The camp name is an homage to their coach). Since this year's flu has been so widespread and deadly, the school has closed the camp. Party poopers. 


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