5 Things To Know About Super Bowl 52

Super Bowl Sunday is near. The day where calories don’t count, putting a dent in your couch is acceptable and talking sports is expected.


To our comrades in blissful Super Bowl chatter,

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Five Things To Know About Super Bowl 52

1. P!NK will be singing the national anthem and Justin Timberlake will perform in his third Super Bowl halftime show. Did you know that neither artist receives a paycheck for their performance? The NFL (National Football League) pays for the production and other expenses, which can run upwards of $10 million, but does not pay a performance fee.


2. It’s the tale of two quarterbacks. The New England Patriots’ Tom Brady is the oldest quarterback in the NFL and is looking to win his record sixth Super Bowl ring. In contrast, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles has won two playoff games.


3. Wagering money on the big game is a rite of passage for those over 21. In addition to your typical bets, the Super Bowl is known for it's great prop bets. Some things you can bet on include the color of P!NK’s hair, if a member of NSYNC will perform during the halftime show alongside Justin Timberlake or the color of the liquid thrown on the winning coach. What's a prop bet? Click here for our sports betting 101.


4. If you’re having déjà vu, these two teams played each other in the 2005 Super Bowl, where the Patriots won by three. The Eagles franchise has never won a Super Bowl.  


5. After Thanksgiving, Super Bowl Sunday is the second largest food consumption day in America. The most popular food?  Chicken wings. Over 1.33 billion chicken wings will be consumed during the big game.


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