Your Lucky Charm

It may be Friday the 13th but small talk should not be something out of a horror movie.


Just call us your lucky charm,

The Last Night’s Game

NFL (National Football League)

When you think twice before you post. A former Miami Dolphins cheerleader has filed a lawsuit against the team, claiming gender and religious discrimination. Kristan Ann Ware said team officials questioned her posting photos of her baptism on social media and told her not to discuss her decision to abstain from sex before marriage. Ware alleges the team brought her emotional distress and that the players are held to a different standard. This suit is on the heels of one brought forward by a New Orleans Saints cheerleader who said she was fired because of a social media post. 


MLB (Major League Baseball)

When you show some respect. This Sunday, in its annual celebration the league will honor the man who broke the color barrier in baseball, Jackie Robinson. One facet of the celebration? All players and coaches will wear Robinson’s retired jersey number, 42, on Sunday.  MORE



Dancing With The Stars is mixing it up this season with an all athlete slate of dancers. Olympic skaters Tonya Harding and Adam Rippon and basketball legend Kareem-Abdul Jabbar are a few of the names released this morning. In 25 seasons, 10 athletes have taken home mirrorball trophy. The show starts Monday, April 30.


Sideline stat

Something you thought you’d never hear – “They’re too tall to play basketball.” The Korean Basketball League is implementing height restrictions on foreign players starting next season. The import players can no longer be taller than 6’6.” There go our chances at a basketball career.


Coaches’ corner

The NBA (National Basketball Association) playoffs begin Saturday and for the first time since 1960, teams from Los Angeles, Chicago or New York will not be vying for the championship title. Expect the TV ratings to suffer with teams from three of the nation’s biggest TV markets absent. Want to know what to expect in the playoffs? Read more