5 Of the Weirdest Things Athletes Have Autographed

Long gone are the days of sign my baby or my bra, these are definitely items we would’ve never been able to guess if we tried.


We’ll take your John Hancock right here,

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Five Of the Weirdest Things Athletes Have Autographed

1. Calling Christian Grey! Hockey player Karl Alzner penned his name on a woman’s leather whip at a signing. Why a whip? He didn't ask and she didn't say.


2. The Golden State Warriors’ Klay Thompson (NBA - National Basketball Association) once signed a toaster. Apparently, the fan was memorable because Thompson later invited the gadget guy to the Warriors’ championship parade.


3. Los Angeles Kings (NHL – National Hockey League) goalie Jonathan Quick’s oddest item is a little cheesy. He once signed a fan’s grilled cheese sandwich. What’s worse? The sandwich already had two bites out of it and was “oozing with saliva.”


4. David Price of the Boston Red Sox (MLB – Major League Baseball) signed a Twinkie. Rumor has it the sweet treat will survive the apocalypse, so why not? Said Twinkie then went for $56 on eBay.


5. It is National Pet Day so we wouldn’t want to leave out our furry friends. NASCAR (National Association For Stock Car Auto Racing) driver Kasey Kahne signed a fan’s dog. The pup didn’t have much hair so its owner thought it would be the perfect place for Kahne to leave his mark. No word if the dog agreed. 


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