Off And Running

The Boston Marathon is today and that’s clearly the Monday motivation you’ll need to make your morning coffee run, because going for an actual run might be a little ambitious.


Either way, you’ve got this,

The Last Night’s Game Team

Boston Marathon

If you need an excuse to miss work today. Today is Patriots Day in Boston and the celebration includes the Boston Marathon followed by an early Red Sox game (MLB - Major League Baseball). Did you know that the Boston Marathon was one of the five major sporting events to continue during the World Wars? Read more fun facts about the marathon.


If you’re a goal digger. Today marks the five year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing. One runner with a heartwarming story in today’s race is Jennifer Phinney. While deployed in Iraq 11 years ago, she was told her tour was being extended by six months. She dealt with the disappointment by running a Boston Marathon shadow race. Since then, she has completed a multitude of marathons, including a six-hour finish when she was eight months pregnant. She will finally have her chance to run the real race this morning, 11 years after running the shadow race in Iraq.



The wedding anticipated by fans everywhere is off. Wrestler turned actor, John Cena and his wrestler fiancée Nikki Bella have called off their wedding. Fans all over the world are heartbroken as their dreams of spandex-filled, body slamming nuptials are shattered. READ  


Sideline stat

It was not quite the birdie he was looking for. Golfer Kelly Kraft hit an actual bird on Friday on the 14th hole, causing him to miss the cut to make it into the next round in the tournament. In a statement, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) showed zero remorse for the golfer stating that, “if he would’ve practiced more, he would’ve made the cut. It’s not the bird’s fault.” Ouch. MORE  


Coaches’ Corner

In a no big deal moment, the gasman for NASCAR (National Association For Stock Car Auto Racing) driver Cole Custer caught on fire during a pit stop. The gasman is the one who fills up the car with fuel during the quick stop and is obviously equipped with fireproof gear. Regardless, he was remarkably calm as flames shot off his body. As one gasman said last season “If you’re worried about catching on fire, you’re not doing your job.” We can safely say this is not the motto in our office.


What to watch

The Minnesota Twins and Cleveland Indians (MLB) will be playing in Puerto Rico tomorrow and Wednesday. (Oh and we're still in the first round of the NHL [National Hockey League] and NBA [National Basketball Association] playoffs).