Going Green - 5 Ways Sports Are Leading The Way

Earth Day is around the corner and while Kermit said "it isn't easy being green," these leaders in sports would prove otherwise.


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Going Green - 5 Ways Sports Are Leading The Way

1. The Forest Green Rovers, a soccer team from Western England, are leading the charge to go green. They set an example with their “Greening Up Football” campaign, which includes no meat at the stadium. In fact, the club became 100% vegan in 2015. There no animal products are for sale in the stadium. No milkshakes or meat pies for you.


2. Ohio State University boasts one of the biggest stadiums in college football, seating roughly 105,000. It’s big and mighty and it’s a “zero waste” stadium which means 90% or more of the trash created avoids landfills through recycling, repurposing and composting. The Buckeyes’ home is 95.45% waste free.


3. The 2022 World Cup in Qatar has been full of controversy (just a light bribery scandal) but one thing we can all agree on is their quest for a zero-carbon tournament. Organizers have pledged that all 12 tournament venues will be zero-carbon emitting, even featuring special climate controls to combat the 100+ degree temps outside. THE FIVE MOST SUSTAINABLE SPORTS VENUES IN THE WORLD. 


4. The San Francisco 49ers (NFL – National Football League) homefield advantage is urban farming. Levi Stadium boasts a 27,000-square foot rooftop farm that generates 500 pounds of produce monthly. The facility is also committed to local sourcing for its food, with 78 percent of its suppliers within 150 miles of the stadium. READ


5. Pocono Motor Speedway’s (NASCAR - National Association For Stock Car Auto Racing) green efforts not only benefit the earth but you. The raceway runs completely on solar power but has an industry specific problem – what to do with as many as 600 used tires after a race? Answer – recycle. The recycled reside from old tires is used in everyday items such as portable speed bumps, the anti-fatigue mat in your kitchen or playgrounds.


- There are nearly 600 teams from 15 different sports in 14 countries who members of the Green Sports Alliance. To find out more about their impact, click here


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