Mom - The Real MVP

Share the gift of sports savviness with your Mom this weekend. (This is a not so subtle hint that it's Mother's Day on Sunday).


It’s the gift that keeps on giving,

The Last Night’s Game Team


PS - Today is National Eat What You Want Day so if you're looking for some great ballpark food, drool over this. YUM!


What happens in Vegas. We’re down to the final four in the NHL playoffs with the Vegas Golden Knights continuing to defy the odds. The team, in its first season, have taken the desert by storm. They are only the third major professional sports team in 58 years to reach the semifinals of the playoffs in their inaugural year. They take on the Winnipeg Jets starting this Saturday. MORE ABOUT THE GOLDEN KNIGHTS



The St. Louis Cardinals (MLB – Major League Baseball) are protecting their family jewels. After their catcher Yadier Molina took a ball to the groin (and is subsequently is out for a month with a hematoma), the team purchased some actual bulletproof cups to protect their catcher’s assets. SERIOUSLY BULLETPROOF



The NHL isn’t the only league in the final four of the playoffs. The Cleveland Cavaliers will take on the Boston Celtics this Sunday in the NBA (National Basketball Association) Eastern Conference Playoffs. The odds aren’t in the Celtics favor as Cavs star, LeBron James, has won 23 straight Eastern Conference playoff series. Not only that, but King James has almost played more playoff games than the Celtics’ entire active playoff roster. They call him the king for a reason. KING JAMES



Nothing says Mother’s Day like a tall Budweiser. This year’s Mother’s Day commercial from the famed beer company features the mom of Golden State Warriors' Kevin Durant (NBA) and recognizes moms everywhere as the real MVP. Truth. (FYI - The Warriors play the Houston Rockets in the next round of the NBA playoffs starting Monday). COMMERCIAL