All The Cool Kids Are Doing It - 5 Things You Need To Know About Esports

The NBA is launching its esports league this week. Therefore, we're keeping you in the know on the sport that’s all the rage and slowly taking over the world.

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5 Things You Need To Know About Esports

1. Esports are based on multiplayer video games. Professional gamers play in tournaments and online. Online play will attract over 100,000 viewers who watch through Twitch, owned by Amazon (which is where you can also watch NBA 2K live), or YouTube. If you think that’s odd, on Sundays we all gather around to watch guys play football on TV. Same same but different.


2. Tournaments are often dictated by the game (i.e. Call of Duty) or esports gaming leagues (i.e. NBA 2K or  Major League Gaming). Games are categorized by PC (computer) or console (i.e. Xbox).


3. Corporations are following the trend. Players resemble race car drivers with sponsor logos all over their tournament clothes. Coke and Nissan are on board and Red Bull has a massive portfolio of esports teams. WHY RED BULL?


4. The NBA (National Basketball Association) is making history as the first North American major professional sports league to have its own esports league, which starts Friday. The NBA 2k League features the best players of the NBA 2k video game. SCHEDULE & MORE


5. In the case of NBA 2K, the players can make between $32,000 - $37,000. Not only are they paid generously for their six-month contract but they receive funds to relocate to whichever town they’re playing for. Living arrangements, health insurance and a retirement plan are also perks of the gig. We may need to consider a career change. MAKING BANK


Still not convinced of the esports phenomenon? A gamer named Ninja, leads all athletes worldwide in social media engagement, beating athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo, LeBron James and Shaq. RANKINGS


What’s on tap today?           

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