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Brains > brawn,

The Last Night’s Game Team

MLB (Major League Baseball)

When all you gave mom was a gift certificate. It was an extra special Mother’s Day for Freddy Peralta of the Milwaukee Brewers. His parents, who live in the Dominican Republic, flew in to see their son pitch in the minor leagues when he received the call that he was needed on the big club. On Sunday, Peralta started his first major league game with his parents right there in the stands to witness his historic start. WATCH


NHL (National Hockey League)

When you have two good options. Nashville Predators super fan, Carrie Underwood, offered to sing the national anthem at a Vegas Golden Knights playoff game since her team is no longer in the playoffs. (Husband Mike Fisher plays for the Predators). The Golden Knights, like many hockey teams, have a dedicated anthem singer so they politely declined the generous offer. HIT THE HIGH NOTE



From the "this really exists file." A Boston University student set the record for joggling - jogging while juggling. He ran a four minute, 43.2 second mile while juggling three lacrosse balls. We can’t even walk and chew gum at the same time. NOW THAT'S TALENT


Sideline stat

Golfer Jason Dufner’s golf ball is too good for its home. Yesterday in the final round of the Players Championship, his poor putting cost him $726,000 in prize money when he missed out on a second place finish. Seems like it would be cheaper to hire a putting coach? READ


Coaches’ corner

Some European soccer leagues have what is called relegation. Relegation is basically keeping the league competitive by demoting the worst teams in the highest division to a lower division and promoting the best in the lower division. (Think sending the Los Angeles Dodgers team down to play in the minor leagues and bringing a minor league team up).


In the German Bundesliga (the German soccer league), Hamburg was relegated and the fans weren’t happy. They weren’t going down without a fight and in protest tried to burn down the stadium. That’ll show them. FEELING HOT HOT HOT