5 Strange Summertime Sports Superstitions

When routines cross the line.


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Five Strange Summertime Sports Superstitions

1. Just in time for the World Cup, England’s Jamie Vardy ditched his habits of nicotine pouches, drinking half a bottle of port wine on the night before a game and his concoction of Skittles and vodka. Although, he won’t break his routine of three Red Bulls on gameday and black coffee. NO ONE IS PERFECT


2. Mississippi State’s baseball team is all about the rally banana. One of their players ate a banana in their big win in a regional qualifier game and now the team is playing in their first College World Series. The demand for banana themed merchandise in the state has gone through the roof and even Dole and Chiquita have jumped on board the banana wagon, showing their support for the team. THIS SH*T IS BANANAS


3. Hockey’s Sidney Crosby has so many ‘traditions’ that we can’t list them all. Some include wearing the same jock strap for years and not calling or seeing his mom or his sister on gameday because every time he does, he ends up with an injury. PHONE HOME


4. Portugal captain and soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo must be the last one to leave the locker room and he always puts his right foot on the field first. BEST FOOT FORWARD


5. Anyone who has ever slipped into a pair of Spanx knows a good undergarment is the foundation of success and that brings us to the golden thong.  The golden thong was worn by former MLB (Major League Baseball) player Jason Giambi to help him break out of hitting slumps. Rumor has it that said tiny undergarment was left in the lockers of his teammates and they all began to hit well. WASH ME


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